Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day of Reflection

Today is my friend Teresa's birthday.  Teresa passed 20 days ago to begin her walk with the ancestors and I miss her deeply.  She was/is my guide and mentor in so many ways, not all of them understood by others and that is okay.  I know that she still stands by me and guides in a manner that only those that have passed through the veil can - with love.

She joined another friend of mine, Bill.  He passed in the winter a few years ago after a long battle with multiple illnesses.  Today I know that the two of them have met in passage even though they had never known each other in life.  I know this because I know both of them are good kind people; wise and always looking to the future.  Both of them have come into conversation in the past week and so I know that they continue to speak to me in their own silent ways.

In a way they have both been teaching me these past three weeks since Teresa's passing; teaching me to stand on my own.  I always have, do not get me wrong, but I have always had a point of "fear" in doing so.  What? Fear? Of course, we all have fear.  If we didn't then we wouldn't be human.  I think that what they have been trying to tell me is that it is okay to have fear, it is okay to be unsure, it is okay to feel weak and unable to move forward.  When that happens you need to look deeply within yourself and find the core of who you really are and hold that tight.  The warmth you feel is love, a love that no one can take from you and that has been built with the help of friends and family. It reminds us who we are and why we do what we do. It is the love of all those that have gone before us and understand that the work we do isn't easy. 

So here is to Teresa and Bill, I miss you both. I'll see you both in journey and we can talk then.  In the mean time... Bill people are fascinated by the title you gave me.

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